Custom Doors

Custom doors are an extremely functional modification that can allow for various applications in the re-purposing of cargo containers. Standard ISO shipping containers come with a cargo door on one end. Meant for loading freight, the cargo doors give you ample access to one end of the container with the entire interior height and width opening on one end. If your needs require additional openings or door configurations we have options to suit your needs. Please select from the menu below or talk to your Arizona Storage Rental, Inc. sales rep for more information regarding additional door alternatives.

Custom Container Doors:

Roll up doors are available in a variety of sizes from 4ft to 12ft in width. These doors are typically about 7.5’ in height. Roll up door can be installed on either side of the container or on the back wall. Depending on inventory we can also typically replace the end cargo door on your custom container with a roll up door at no extra cost to you.

Available in 36″ or 48″ width. Steel framed with deadbolt and handle lock this door is panel steel and popular for both residential and commercial applications. You have the option of having the door open outward or inward with hinges on either side. The commercial lightweight door is cost effective, secure and durable. Can be installed on either side or front-end wall of the container.

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Famed from the containers corrugated steel and framed with industrial steel. The doors are available in custom width and heights. Steel corrugated doors can open either to the exterior or interior of the container with dead-bolt and handle locking mechanism or lockbox. We can install these doors on the size of the container or end wall. Please allow +- 2” to insure we can line up the door properly with the containers corrugated steel.

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