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10ft storage containers | 10ft containers for lease will bring to your site 582 cu. ft. of safe, secure space. The ability to position these units into tighter places make them the most portable of all Arizona Storage Rental, Inc. options. Our 10ft lease containers are available in beige or gray with either a secure cargo door or easy to access roll up door. 10ft rental units are either in new or refurbished condition, clean and ready to use. Satisfaction guaranteed, if you are not happy with the condition of your leased unit, we will pickup and replace at no charge to you.

10′ Standard Dry Container Dimensions
Exterior Length: 10′
Width: 8′
Height: 8’6″
Interior Length: 9’3″
Width: 7’8″
Height: 7′ 9 7/8″
Door Opening Width: 7’8″
Height: 7′ 5″

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10ft Containers:

10ft Container10ft Container