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40ft Container

40ft Lease Container

40ft storage containers | 40ft shipping containers are a very common and cost efficient rental unit. The 40ft storage container brings you 2350 cu. ft. of space. This container features 14-gauge corrugated steel walls, marine grade plywood flooring and a safe and secure cargo door including security lockbox on one end. The 40ft shipping containers for lease are refurbished with the option of our standard beige or gray color scheme.

40′ Standard Dry Container Dimensions
Exterior Length: 40′
Width: 8′
Height: 8’6″
Interior Length: 39’5″
Width: 7’8″
Height: 7′ 9 7/8″
Door Opening Width: 7’8″
Height: 7′ 5″

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40ft Container

40ft Container40ft Container