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40ft High Cube Container

40ft HC Lease Container

40ft high cube containers are an excellent alternative to the 4ft standard height containers that are typically offered. These units have a capacity of 2694 cu. ft., and allow for more volume toward ceiling of the container as they are one foot taller. 40ft high cube cargo boxes are manufactured to meet ISO Specifications and feature security lock boxes on the cargo doors. We have these units in stock and ready to deliver.

40′ High Cube Container Dimensions
Exterior Length: 40′
Width: 8′
Height: 9’6″
Interior Length: 39’5″
Width: 7’8″
Height: 8′ 10″
Door Opening Width: 7’8″
Height: 8′ 5 1/2″

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40ft High Cube Container

40ft High Cube Container40ft High Cube Container