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45ft High Cube Container

48ft HC Lease Container

48ft high cube containers are the largest units we lease. These units have a capacity of 3043 cu. ft , which is about 22% larger then a standard 40ft container. As with all shipping containers in our rental fleet, these units feature 14 gauge corrugated steel walls, marine grade plywood flooring and a safe and secure cargo door including security lockbox on one end. 48ft storage containers on rent are the cheapest units we offer per sq. ft. In stock and ready for delivery.

48′ High Cube Container Dimensions
Exterior Length: 48′
Width: 8′
Height: 9’6″
Interior Length: 47’5″
Width: 7’8″
Height: 8′ 10″
Door Opening Width: 7’8″
Height: 8′ 5 1/2″

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48ft High Cube Container

48ft High Cube Container48ft High Cube Container