40ft ISO High Cube Container

The 40ft ISO High Cube Container is an excellent value for the size. The difference between a standard height and high cube is strictly in the height of the container. 40ft High Cube Containers are 9’6″ Tall vs. the 8’6″ height of the standard ISO container. The additional height will increase the cargo capacity of the container by roughly 12% bringing the cubic capacity of the 40ft high cube container to 2,694 cu. ft. Ask your Arizona Storage Rental, Inc. sales representative about high cube containers, they are an excellent value and always in stock in all condition categories.

Looking to export your container? We have cargo worthy certification available for all container sizes.

40ft High Cube ISO Container Conditional Categories

One trip containers are manufactured overseas; mainly in Asia and are shipped with a single container cargo load. Once the container reaches its destination they are often available for sale. These containers are an excellent choice because they have not spent time on the ocean or in a container depot / terminals. One trip containers are available worldwide in most port locations. We offer one trip containers in various sizes and door configurations from 10ft to 40ft in length with doors on one or both ends. We also offer “high cube” one trip containers in the same dimensions and configurations. For more information on one trip containers, call your local sales representative today to find out which option best suits your needs.

Refurbished containers are an excellent choice. Arizona Storage Rental, Inc. signature refurbished units are not just “repainted”, they are fully refurbished. The container is first carefully selected, thoroughly inspected prior to work being done on the unit. The used shipping container typically has surface rust where it has been scratched or dented which is ground down and removed, exposing raw steel. All rough spots are removed along with any dirt and old decals. The container is treated with a rust prohibitive primer and rust prohibitive paint. After the paint dries the container goes through one last inspection process, which involves testing the cargo doors and fixing them to insure they are functioning properly. The finished product on a 40ft. high cube refurbished storage container for sale provides more aesthetic value then a container that is labeled by the shipping line and will last much longer then an untreated shipping container.

Looking for the most economical yet functional container solution? Wind and Water Tight or “WWT containers” are the most affordable yet functional cargo box you will find. These containers are in abundant supply and range in condition. These units are typically randomly colored and contain surface rust mainly where they have been scratched or dented. When you work with Arizona Storage Rental, Inc., your container will be guaranteed to be Wind and Water Tight for at least two years, so ask your local sales rep about this particular condition category as it is the most cost efficient portable storage solution.
40ft High Cube WWT Container

ISO storage containers in “As is” condition have the potential for being damaged in the shipping process, have structural problems or significant rust to where the container can no longer be considered “Wind and Water Tight”. While CArizona Storage Rental, Inc. typically does not deal with this condition category, ask your local sales rep about availability as they may come available at certain times.
40ft High Cube WWT Container

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