Arizona Storage Rental Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 9, 2020

Arizona Storage Rental (ASR) is committed to protecting the privacy of all its users.

In order to ensure that our customers and users are fully informed of our data handling policies and their rights pertaining to this data, we maintain this page which details our practices around information collected through the Arizona Storage Rental platform.

Kinds of Information We Collect

Arizona Storage Rental processes three different categories of data, which reflect the different levels of personally-identifiable information (PII) sensitivity in context. However, there are several common traits about how we handle the data, regardless of type:

  • We never sell this data to third parties. In limited cases, we provide it to third-party services for usage strictly within the Arizona Storage Rental product or business.

Type 1: End-user personally-identifiable information (PII) 

This data can be used to identify a specific user. Examples of end-user PII include:

  • Browser information that is collected by default in the Arizona Storage Rental (e.g., OS, device type, browser language, user agent), when associated with a particular user; and
  • Browsing history data that is collected by default in the Arizona Storage Rental website (e.g., current page URL, current page title).

Again, like all data we collect, we never sell end-user PII to third parties.

We use this data to customize and deliver Arizona Storage Rental.

Type 2: End-user Arizona Storage Rental Data

This data pertains to how end users are interacting with Arizona Storage Rental content; for example, whether the flow was shown to a given user, whether a user has interacted with social content, etc. This category also includes user responses to LinkedIn ad-forms or online surveys. No PII is required in this category in order to use Arizona Storage Rental. Note, however, that form or survey responses may add PII to this data.

We use data in this category to customize and deliver Arizona Storage Rental.

Type 3: Customer PII

We collect customer PII through the Arizona Storage Rental contact page. This category of data includes business-relationship information, such as the name and email address of a customer.  We use this type of data within the Arizona Storage Rental business to contact customers, such as providing additional information on rentals.

‍If customers have questions regarding our privacy policy, you may contact us at